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Athlone Institute Technology

Support Services in AIT

Students’ Union

For general and specific student needs.

AIT Students’ Union represents every single full time student in Athlone I.T. The Institute’s Students Union (AITSU) has a long tradition of excellent and effective student representation, which is valued by both students and the Institute’s authorities. The Union represents students on many Institute Committees such as the Governing Body, Academic Council and its various sub-committees.

The Welfare Officer Michaella Hannick is available in the Students’ Union to give information, advice and referral on various matters, finances, benefits, personal counselling, legal advice, or even just for a chat! There is an open door policy so pop into the offices when you get a chance and get to know the team.

The Education officer Andrew Slevin is available in the Students’ Union to deal with matters such as course changes, problems students may be experiencing with grants or exams, and also provide training for all members of the Class Rep Council.


SU Office – 090-6474388
[email protected]

President – Daniel Coulter 086-0219385

[email protected]

Deputy President -  Andrew Slevin 086-7786568
[email protected]

Vice President - Michaella Hannick 087-2565965
[email protected]

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For personal worries, financial concerns and spirituality.

The Chaplaincy is not just composed of the Chaplains. It encompasses a large group of students and staff who work with the Chaplains to help students in every way possible. No problem is too big or too small, but the Chaplaincy is not just about problems. It is also about creating an atmosphere where things can happen and personal growth occurs.

The Chaplaincy Services Residence plays a vital part in the provision of the service and is situated close to the campus. Students are invited to drop in Sunday to Friday 7.30pm – 11.30pm to share in the hospitality. An all -night emergency service is provided and a limited overnight accommodation is available in times of need. In the event of sudden illness of family emergencies, students should not hesitate to make contact. The telephone number is +353 (0)9064 78318, and a mobile number is also available for emergencies +353 (0)87 2402514.

Fr Shay Casey – Catholic Chaplain
Tel: +353 (0)90 6424428 (internal 4428)
Email: [email protected]

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Student Health Centre

For medical care, ill health prevention and information on healthy lifestyles.

The Institute has a fully equipped Health Centre on campus. It provides a general medical service with an emphasis on health education and preventative medicine. Confidentiality is maintained and all medical records are retained in the Health Centre. They do not form part of the student record. The service has been increased over the years to meet the demands of the students whose visits home at the weekends are more infrequent due to work and study commitments. The Health Centre employs a full time Nurse and two doctors hold clinics for a total of 15 hours during the week.

  • The nursing service is available to all students. No appointment is necessary. There is a €5 fee for a consultation with the Institute Nurse
  • Consultation with the doctor is by prior appointment. A €15 fee is charged by Student Services for students who do not qualify for a medical card.
  • All students are covered by a personal accident insurance policy, which is part of the student services fee. This provides cover for medical costs while on college activities.

Appointments for consultations with the doctor can be made at the Health Centre by phoning the receptionist at 090 6424693, or by calling in to the Health Centre.

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Student Counselling

For help during tough times.

The Counselling Service also provides training for individual /groups on study skills, exam skills, and stress management. Educational and self-help information leaflets are available at the counsellor’s office and at other points around the college.

Appointments with the Counsellors can be made by phoning the Health Centre at 090 6424693 or calling in to the Counsellors offices (C2366/C2367) each day between 10am-10.30am and 3pm -3.30pm.

Email [email protected]

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For support, information and advice on your career.

The Careers and Appointments Service within Athlone Institute of Technology combines careers advisory work with students and facilitates employers to come into direct contact with students for recruitment purposes.

All registered students at Athlone Institute of Technology are entitled to avail of the Careers and Appointments Service. Most of the activities of the service are directed at final year and postgraduate students.

Location of the Careers Service

The Careers Service is situated in the Main Institute Ground Floor Building, just off the Student Canteen.

Opening Hours

The Careers Office is open from 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday.
For an appointment, or query, contact…

Careers Officer:

Denise Dolan
090 6424524
[email protected]

Careers Administrator:

Lorraine Sammon
090 6424475
[email protected]

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Student Advisory and Tutor Service

Computing/Software, Maths, IT & Business Studies.

The Student Advisor provides support for all students experiencing difficulties with Computing/Software, Maths, IT & Business Studies subjects. It also offers students a space to express their concerns regarding social, personal or practical issues. This is a confidential service and the Student Tutors can offer referral to Departmental and Student Services support staff where necessary.

Academic staff may refer a student to the service or students can make direct contact with the Tutors by calling to the Student Tutors Offices whose details are given below.

  • Tutorials are FREE and are flexible to suit you.
  • Tutorials can be arranged for individuals or groups
  • Tutorials are held in the strictest confidence

Karol Fitzgerald
Email: [email protected]
Room: E3218 Direct Line: 090 64 83038
Computing Software Engineering, Math’s, IT based subjects (e.g. Databases), Computing (e.g. Java, C++ C etc.)

Brendan McLarney
Accounting, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Managerial Finance & Financial Management
Direct Line: 090 6442567
Email: [email protected]
Room: B2087

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Disability Support Service

For support, services and facilities for students with disabilities.

The Institute welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities and/or special requirements. It aims to ensure that these applicants are given an opportunity to enter the Institute and, while here, to complete their studies successfully.

Students with disabilities/specific learning difficulty should make contact with the Disability Support Service Coordinator as early as possible (prior to commencement of academic year) to discuss in confidence any facilities they may require during their course of study.

The Disability Support Service Coordinator, will aim to support and advise all students with disabilities and/or special needs attending the Institute. On application to the Institute, all prospective students are encouraged to contact the Disability Support Service Coordinator directly to discuss their individual needs.

The role of the Disability Support Service Coordinator includes:

  • To provide support and advice to students and prospective students with disabilities/special needs.
  • Set up the necessary support structures needed for the student to participate fully in college life.
  • Advice and assistance on administrative matters such as registration.
  • Organise the necessary accommodations for additional provisions during examinations.
  • Co-ordination of specific educational supports, such as assistive technology training, learning support, note-takers, readers, and tutorials.
  • Advice on subject choice with particular relevance to impact of disability
  • Increase awareness of disability within the college by running training programmes for staff and students.
  • Co-ordination of applications for grants from the National Office for Equity of Access to Higher Education (NAO).

To contact the disability support service call 090 6424435

Disability Support Service Coordinator- Patricia Kearney. The disability office is located on the ground floor of the main building off the coffee dock.
Room Number: D1131.
PH: (090) 6424435
Email: [email protected]
FAX: (090)24417

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Learning Support Tutor

Bernie Langtry

The learning support office is located on the ground floor of the main building off the main canteen.
Room Number:D1135
PH: 090 6424410
Email: [email protected]
FAX: 090 6442564

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Assistive Technology Trainer

James Keane

The Assistive Technology Centre is located on the ground floor of the main building off the main canteen.

Room Number:D1134
Assistive Technology Trainer E-mail : [email protected]

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Peer Assisted Student Support


Peer Assisted Student Support (PASS) is being introduced by Athlone Institute of Technology and Galway-Mayo Institute (our SIF II partner) from January 2009.
PASS is a scheme that offers cross-year support between students on the same programme. It encourages first year students to support each other and learn co-operatively under the guidance of a trained student from the second years of your programme.
PASS aims to help first year students:

  • Quickly adjust to college life
  • improve their learning and study skills
  • enhance their understanding of the subject matter of their programmes
  • prepare better for assignments and exams
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