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Cork Institute of Technology

Support Services in CIT

CIT Student’s Union

For general and specific student needs.

of the Nexus building (student centre). Every student that registers in CIT

automatically becomes a member of the Students’ Union. Each officer in the Students’ Union works for you, the

The Students’ Union is a one-stop-shop for any questions you may have about any aspect of your life here in

CIT. The Students’ Union are here to represent you the students but we are also a support to students of CIT.

You can come to our President Shane or you can find support on academic matters with Denise, Vice President

Education. These issues can be anything from exams, appeals, changing modules, deferrals and issues with

Ruth, Vice President Welfare, holds educational and awareness programmes throughout the year. These will

help you to manage personal issues that you may be faced with such as sexual health, mental health,

accommodation, finance, safety, bullying and addictions. If you need any advice in any of these areas, Ruth has

plenty of information and can refer you to the appropriate support service.


This year, CIT Students’ Union executive are:

President: Shane Falvey                                         087-9005554                         [email protected]

Vice President Welfare: Ruth O’Leary              086-3842977                        [email protected]

Vice President Education: Denise Coughlan   087-0624830                       [email protected]

Projects Officer: Daniel Hanlon                           [email protected]

Entertainments Officer: Rebecca Keating       [email protected]

Communications Officer: David Brady             [email protected]


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Careers and Student Counselling

For support, information, a listening ear and advice on your career.

For support, information, a listening ear and advice on your career.

The Service operates its own website: www.careersandcounselling.com

Careers and Counselling Service

The Careers and Counselling Service at Cork Institute of Technology is a free, integrated and confidential service

available  to all full-time registered students and apprentices. The service consists of a full-time Careers Officer,

Careers Advisor, Student Counsellor and Administrator, who are also  joined by part-time Careers Advisors and


The integrated service is committed to supporting and encouraging students to reach their academic and

personal potential, and offers:

• Career Guidance

• Educational Guidance

• Personal Counselling


A number of the careers services are delivered through class presentations and group workshops. The service

organises visits to the Institute by employers, informs students of vacancies and organises other careers related

activities such as seminars on interview technique and CV preparation.

A range of guidance services such as one-to-one discussions, study skills seminars, stress management

sessions and other activities are available to individual students and to groups. The Service also has an

Information Room where students can access information themselves (both ‘take away’ and reference materials)

e.g. occupational files, employer files, undergraduate and postgraduate information, jobs file, application forms –

employers/courses, cv/interview tips study/exam skills and counselling information.

The Service advertises on its website all job vacancies received. The Service also facilitates employer

presentations during the academic year.

Contact Careers & Counselling

2nd floor of the Student Centre.

Contact Careers & Counselling

Appointments can be made with the Administrator by calling to the front desk, by telephone

(021) 4335772

or by email; [email protected] and: [email protected]

Careers open:

8.30am–4.30pm all year round.

Website: www.mycit.ie/careers

Counselling open:

8.30am – 4.30pm during term only.

Website: www.mycit.ie/counselling

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For personal worries, financial concerns and spirituality.

For personal worries, financial concerns and spirituality.

Word of Welcome

The Chaplaincy is a dynamic presence at CIT, accompanying both students and staff on their life journey. We are

open to people of all faiths and cultures and none.  The Chaplaincy extends a warm welcome to both students

and staff and assure you of our presence and support, especially in times of  bereavement, illness and during the

anxious  moments that we all experience from time to  time. While maintaining a college-wide presence and

perspective, the Chaplaincy at CIT:

 Invites both staff and students to meaningful worship and related opportunities for spiritual  growth, including

discussion forums, mindfulness, scriptural meditation/prayer, and the  ‘Glenstal’ experience.

 Offers a ‘Chill-Out’ space at ‘CornerStone’ Chaplaincy House, 3, Elton Lawn. Enjoy free tea/coffee, free Wi-Fi,

listen to music,chat with friends and make new ones.

 Connect with students from other lands and cultures…

 Responds to your questions/needs at the “Info Desk” located at the top of Canteen.  Open each morning at

8.30am. A good place to meet up or chat with the Chaplaincy Team!

 Publishes “What’s On”, free weekly guide  to what’s happening on Campus…Sports/ Societies/Students

Union/Chaplaincy/ Careers/ Competitions and Prizes


Fr. Dave McAuliffe   T: 021-4335754  Mob: 087 – 9262116  [email protected]  Location: Ground floor, D

Corridor, Room D153.

.Student Pastoral Care Coordinator

Edel Kelly T: 021 4335756  Mob: 087 2055595  [email protected]  Location: 1st Fl. Student  Centre, Balcony


Support Team T: 021 4335755  E:chaplai[email protected]  Location: 1st Fl. Student  Centre,  Balcony Corridor

The Chaplaincy offices are located in the Bishopstown Campus on D-Corridor (D151) and on the 1st Floor

Student Centre, Balcony Corridor and are open daily from 8.30am-5.00pm. You can be assured that if you are

experiencing stress or pressure of any nature during your time at college that we are here for you. Issues of

concern can be discussed in complete confidence.

Chaplaincy is a dynamic presence at CIT recognising and responding to the pastoral and spiritual needs of

students and staff. The Student Support Team comprises a group of graduate students and work alongside a full-

time professional Pastoral Care Team. While maintaining a College wide presence and perspective they:

 Invite students and staff to liturgical celebrations, retreats and to opportunities for spiritual nourishment and


 Provide a range of Community Building Projects including: an Information Desk, a weekly Institute newsletter

(What’s On) and organise charity events

 Respond to, intervene and are present at times of trauma, crisis, illness and bereavement;

 Offer a pastoral counselling bridge to, and support for professional counselling;

Sacred Space on Campus

The Chapel/Prayer Room (Room D155). Mass is celebrated here Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 8.40

am during the academic year. Please feel free to come here and reflect peacefully.

The contemplative space (first floor of the Student Centre) – this room provides a place for reflection or if you just

want to get away and give yourself space in a peaceful environment –why not drop in?

The Information Desk

T: 021-4326401

The ‘Info Desk’ as it is better known, which is located on the main corridor, is staffed by the Student Support

Team and open from 8.30am to 5.00pm. This central location proves to be a popular resource centre and a

meeting place for the students of the Institute. A comprehensive service is provided which is capable of dealing

with a broad spectrum of inquiries ranging from “Where/What/Who/When is…? (questions), bus timetables,

passport and Driving License forms to name but a few.

“What’s On”

The “What’s On” booklet is a weekly guide to what’s on in the Institute for students to get involved in. It is

available from the Info Desk each Monday morning.

Prayer/ Reflection

Patience is the most beautiful prayer’ (Indian Proverb)

Let nothing ever disturb you,

Nothing affright you;

All things are passing,

God never changes.

Patient endurance

Attains to all things;

Who God possesses in nothing is wanting:

Alone God suffices. (St. Teresa of Avila)

‘Prayers go up and blessings come down’ (Yiddish Proverb)

The Chaplaincy Logo

A fingerprint forms the core image or motif of the logo. The fingerprint is representative of the individual student.

Their uniqueness as people, and of their problems. The fingerprint is constructed with independent lines, that

when viewed collectively actually make-up the fingerprint. These are the various departments, organisations and

groups that together form the community of C.I.T, which directly and indirectly influence and change individual

students. At the centre of the fingerprint motif is a fish. This was the initial symbol of Christianity. It underlines the

spirituality associated with, and emanating from CSS. The motif is linked to the text through the letter ‘l’. The

ascender of this letter is extended to meet the fingerprint, thus creating a new image – a tree- representing

nurturing and growth.

This profound trinity of symbols within symbols illustrates the multifaceted tasks CSS undertakes on a daily basis.

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Student Health Centre

For medical care, ill health prevention and information on healthy lifestyles.

For medical care, ill health prevention and information on healthy lifestyles.

Should you experience any health problems throughout the year, there is a fantastic Medical Centre located on

the first floor of the Student Centre. Here you can see the nurse, by appointment, free of charge. You can also

make an appointment to see a doctor which, on presenting your in-date student ID card, is only ten euro (or free

if you have a medical card). The staff in the Medical Centre are really friendly and very experienced in dealing

with students.  They have seen and heard it all, so never feel embarrassed to talk to them about any concerns

that you might have. The Medical Centre offers services such as contraceptive advice, vaccinations, blood tests,

removal of stitches, dressing changes etc.

Where: Located on the Mezzanine Floor. Press the button ‘M’ in the lift.

When: Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 4.30pm and Friday 8.30-3.30

Doctor available by appointment.

Contact: Receptionist Marian Walsh: 021 433 5780

In addition to the normal consultation with the doctor or nurse for illness or injury, the Medical Centre provides

many other services such as:

• Health education and advice on nutrition and lifestyle

• Advice on family planning and smears

• Application forms for medical cards and health services

• Cryosurgery for warts and verruca’s

• Travel medicines and meningitis C & mumps vaccines

• Referrals for physiotherapy and counselling

• Referrals for sexual health screening

• Hepatitis Vaccine (charge applicable)

Travel Vaccines available.

Meningitis C Vaccine Mumps and Flu Vaccine available to students free of charge.

Hep B Vaccine available for Health Care students at cost.

Sports Injury Clinic and Cervical Smear Screening also available.


1850 60 90 90

Aware Depression Helpline

1890 303 302


www.bodywhys.ie1890 200 444

Suicide Helpline

1850 60 90 90

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