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Everybody! Welcome to DIT, or back to DIT as may be the case.  The semester has kicked off and everyone is running around getting themselves sorted for the busy semester ahead!

With classes kicking off, loads of clubs and societies to get involved in, the library to visit (sooner rather than later ), the pricey capitation fee to sort or word from the grant office on your application… the list of things to get sorted and information to take in can be overwhelming at this time of year for new and returning students.

We advise you to be mindful of the impact this time of year can have on you and your friends.  So much going on, its important to know what supports there are in place to help you along the way.  The Student services in the DIT (we are really lucky to have them considering budget cutbacks across the public sector and throughout the country), are available to your the students of DIT.  Get in the know on whats available to you!

If you have a question of where to go or who to get in touch with, the SU office is a good place to find out or check out the Campus Life section of the DIT website.  The SU offers a range of information, advice and support, also representation if needed to all registered students of the institute.

At this time of year we are working with students sorting out a place to live, problem solving tenancy rights issues, assisting students settling into third level for the first time through Induction, mature students returning to study and getting back to education.  We offer advice and support on student Financial issues as well as information on legal matters and employment.

Watch out for our health promotions over the year including our ‘Feel good Fortnight’ planned from Nov 14th – 25th 2011.  SHAG week kicks off on Feb 13th, the day before Valentines day.  And we are running a host of Student Finance clinics and making available useful student tools to help you keep an eye on your spending.  Look out for our Money plan! Due to launch this October!

If you still getting settled in; need some advice adapting to living away from home for the first time; or getting set up in accommodation, contact your local Student Support Advisor at the SU.

For more information on Student help and advice; referral options; advice, support or representation on your student issues, see www.ditsu.ie or check out the list of services at DIT available to you.