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Support Services in IT Carlow

Your student services - Read them, know them, use them!

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Hi there!

Welcome to the Services at IT Carlow. College life is filled with wonderful experiences and many challenges.

The following services aim at supporting your wellbeing while you are at College.


Representation & Student Issues: For all questions and problems regarding welfare, education, entertainment, finances, grants and anything else that is affecting you, call into the Students’ Union in the Barrow Centre or email [email protected] or in WEXFORD at [email protected] for more information.

You can also call in to see Lorna, Aoife or Naomi, the full-time officers, about any of the above! The Students Union on the ground floor of the Barrow Centre is a great place to relax and is a safe place where you are always welcome.


The Student Services Team provide a comprehensive and caring service to help you while you are in IT Carlow. They are to be found in the Barrow Centre on the Carlow Campus. Contact Student Services by email at [email protected] or at (059) 917 5600 or in WEXFORD at (053) 918 5802.


Nothing says stress relief like working out, joining a club or society, staying healthy and eating well.

GYM:                                     Membership of the Gym in the Barrow Centre costs €60 for the entire year.

CLUBS AND SOCIETIES:   A really good way to meet interesting people. We have over 60 clubs and societies. Cost €2 to join! Just enquire at the Sports Department in the Barrow Centre

In WEXFORD Campus contact the STUDENT SERVICES office for information about Clubs and Societies.

MEDICAL CENTRE:            The Institute nurse, Theresa Lowry-Lehnen, is available from 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday. Doctors attend the Centre from 11.30 – 1pm Monday to Thursday. Appointments can be made through Theresa. The Service is free to holders of a Medical Card or European Health Card. There is a charge of €10 for all others.


In WEXFORD Campus the medical service is provided by Dr Curtis’ Surgery, Waterloo Rd, Wexford. Appointments to see a doctor are made through Campus Secretary on 053 918 5811

HEALTHY EATING:            Check out the Students Union or SpunOut.ie for advice on heathy eating

DISABILITIES:                     Our Access Officer, Aisling McHugh, is available in the Student Services Department and will be happy to help you with information regarding disabilities and Access. Contact her at 059 917 5603 or email her at [email protected]


College is a time of highs and lows. Enjoy the highs and share the lows.

COUNSELLING:                 This service is available to all full-time registered students and is provided by professional therapists who can help you with personal or college related issues. The service is free. Make an appointment in the Student Services Office at 059 917 5600 or by emailing [email protected]

In WEXFORD Campus you can make an appointment by calling 053 918 5802 or emailing [email protected]



CHAPLAINCY:                     The Institute has a full-time chaplain who offers pastoral support to students of all faith and none. Fr Martin is located in the Barrow Centre and can be contacted at (059) 917 5612 or by email at [email protected]. Daily meditation is available in the Multi Faith quiet room.

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