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Support Services in QUB

Support Services


We want you to get the most out of your time at Queen’s – if you have any problems, then the best thing you can do is seek advice early on to prevent it having any effect on you enjoying your time here!

The purpose of Please Talk QUB is to bring together most of the support services available to you on one page. So please look below for details of where you can get help! ‘A problem solved is a problem halved’ isn’t just an old maxim – it really is true! Talking is a sign of strength – the worst thing you could possibly do is bottle up your problems… So Please Talk!

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The Students’ Union should be your first port of call for any advice! It is run for students, by students – seven elected student officers take a year out from their studies to run the Union alongside full-time staff.

The Students’ Union is located on University Road, directly opposite the QUB Lanyon Building. The general contact is[email protected] or 02890 973106

Your student officers are:
Jason O’Neill – Union President:  [email protected] / 02890 971008

Connor Daly – Vice President Campaigns & Communications:[email protected] / 02890 971068

Joanne O’ Neill – Vice President Welfare[email protected]/ 02890 971002

Nuala McAdams – Vice President Education:[email protected] / 02890 973724

Aidan Hughes – Vice President Community[email protected] / 02890 971050

Niall McShane– Vice President Clubs & Societies[email protected] / 02890 973922

Jessica Kirk– Vice President Equality & Diversity[email protected] / 02890 971058

The Students’ Union also has a fully staffed SU Advice Centre  – details of the Advisers and what they do are included in the sections below. The general contact address for the Advice Centre is [email protected] .

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Students that study in the UK for 6 months or more are entitled to free NHS care. Your doctor can help you access specialist services you may need, as well as including general practice.  The University Health Centre, located on No. 5 Lennoxvale on the Malone Road, is available for students. Make sure to register with them!www.universityhealthcentreatqueens.co.uk

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For any financial concerns.

Fees and Student Finance
The Income and Student Finance Office provides information on course tuition fees, including the assessment and collection of fees. Go to the Student Guidance Centre if you have any concerns about your fees.


Debt & Finance
The Students’ Union Advice Centre provides advice on guidance on finance and debt – that covers everything from advice on how to fund your course, to dealing with debt.

Financial issues can be very stressful. If you have a problem with money then it’s important you see someone to get advice as soon as possible!

Connie Craig – Financial Adviser: [email protected] / 02890 971049
Connie Advises on grants, loans, fees, benefits support & hardship funds, and the financial aspects of repeating years and changing courses.

Debbie Forsey – Money Management Adviser:[email protected] / 02890 971166
Debbie advises on overdrafts, credit cards, payment arrears, budgeting, negotiating with creditors, and any other debt issues. Debbie is also available to give general advice on how to live on a budget.

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For your academic needs.

Personal Tutor
Each undergraduate student is assigned a Personal Tutor whose role it is to be a point of contact and support within your School. Personal Tutors will listen, support you and where appropriate, refer you to a University or Students’ Union service for specialised assistance.

Developing Skills and Support for Learning
The Learning Development Service (LDS) is available to help you with academic skills, from time-keeping, study skills to essay-writing. You can have a one-to-one appointment and/or attend a range of workshops on topics. The LDS is located in the Student Guidance Centre. The website is at: www.qub.ac.uk/sgc/learning

Other Academic Advice
If you are having issues with your academic life and your personal tutor has been unable to help, then you should contact the Students’ Union. Please contact Nathan Anderson, the Vice President Education, or Brian Slevin, the Education & Welfare Adviser.

SU VP Education: [email protected] / 02890 973724

Agnes Crawford: [email protected] / 02890 971135

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‘A problem shared is a problem halved’

‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ isn’t just an old maxim – it really is true! If you have a problem or you’re feeling down, then the best thing you can do is talk about it!

Counselling Service
The Counselling Service is free and confidential to any student of the University, and can range from a 5-minute chat to a series of hour-long sessions. Don’t leave things until the problem escalates; speak to them at the earliest opportunity.www.qub.ac.uk/counselling /  02890 972774  /[email protected]

There are 16 Chaplains and religious representatives at the university. The Chaplains offer a warm welcome, support and advice (spiritual and otherwise) to all members of the university community. You can find details on www.qub.ac.uk/chaplains

Sometimes, the problems that life throws up doesn’t pay attention to opening hours. LifeLine is a free, 24-hour, 7 days a week advice line staffed by trained counsellors who can provide help and support. The number is 0808 808 8000.

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For advice on housing.

Sometimes nothing can be worse than living in a house where you’re not happy. The Students’ Union can provide advice on housing; from househunting to landlords to rent to living conditions, the Students’ Union can help.

Contact the Vice President Welfare, or Brian Slevin, the Education & Welfare Adviser.

SU VP Welfare: [email protected] / 02890 971002

Brian Slevin: [email protected] / 02890 971135

Noisy Neighbors
Party next door at 4AM, and you’ve got class at 9AM? Any excessive noise after 11PM can be reported to either the Belfast City Council Noise Control on 02890 373006, QUB Community Affairs Office on 02890 5331 or the PSNI on 08456008000.


Crime-related enquries should go to the Police Service of Northern Ireland – telephone them on 0845 600 8000. In an emergency, dial 999.

To pass on information about crime anonymously, phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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