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University of Ulster

Support Services in UU

Support Services


It is very important to enjoy your time with us at University of Ulster in order to get the most out of your student experience. Having problems and not knowing who you can talk to can get in the way of that so that’s why pleasetalk.org brings together a list of our services so you have support and advice no matter what campus you are on.

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The Students’ Union

For general and specific student needs.

‘Your Students Union’ is the slogan we live by so we are here for YOU. The students union is made up of student officers and staff who are here to involve, represent, entertain and support you. You can contact us at any time whether it is a crisis or just a quick question.

Your elected officers are:

Mark Bell –  President
[email protected] 028 701 24629

Jemma Dolan – Vice President Campaigns & Communications
[email protected] 028 7137 5348

Jane Murphy – Sports President
[email protected] 028 903 66057

Chris Murray – Vice President
[email protected] 028 903 66055

Robbie Banham – Vice President
[email protected] 028 701 24323

John Cunningham – Vice President
[email protected] 028 713 75290

Malachy McCrudden – Vice President
[email protected] 028 902 67308

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Student Support

Childcare, Counseling, Mental Health, Disability, Health, Student Finance.

Our student support has five services and can help you while studying at the University of Ulster. These include;
- Childcare
- Counseling / Mental Health
- Disability
- Health
- Student Finance

Further information can be found atwww.studentsupport.ulster.ac.uk

Contact details per campus:
Jordanstown: [email protected] 028 9036 6336
Coleraine: [email protected] 028 7032 4105
Magee : [email protected] 028 7137 5218
Belfast: [email protected] 028 9026 7300

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For any financial concerns.

It can be extremely stressful if you are in debt or having money problems. But don’t be afraid to speak to someone about it, it is the first step to solving the problem.

You can contact our Student Support (see above) for advice, or get in touch with our Financial Advisor who is on a different campus each day of the week and can schedule a meeting with you.

Financial Advisor – Frank Dunleavy
[email protected] 028 9036 6056

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For your academic queries or needs.

If you are experiencing problems with your course or academic life and your class rep or tutor is unable to help then contact your students union. There are elected officers on each campus to help you deal with academic problems.

Jordanstown: [email protected] 028 903 66055

Belfast : vp.belfast@uusu.org 028 902 67308

Coleraine: [email protected] 082701 24323

Magee: [email protected] 028 7137 5290

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For personal worries, financial concerns and spirituality.

Our chaplains on campus are here to provide pastoral services to all members of the university community. This can include crisis ministry, counselling, sacraments, worship, education, and help in ethical decision-making. They can be found on each campus in the following locations, and are more than happy to lend a listening ear.


Jordanstown: 5F01 Chaplaincy / 1D05 Prayer Room
Coleraine: L101 Chaplaincy / L102 Prayer Room
Magee: MC108 Chaplaincy
Belfast: contact the chaplains to make a time!


For contact info on each of the campus chaplains see

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Career Development Centre

For support, information and advice on your career.

It can be daunting not knowing where you will end up after your time here at University of Ulster. If you are worried about your future do not hesitate to get in touch with our careers office.

Contact details for each campus can be found on the website at

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Looking after your Mental Health

‘Mind your head’

‘Mind your head’ is a mental health information campaign. It seeks to increase awareness of mental health issues and provide information on organizations that can offer support.

You can contact them on: 028 9031 1611
Or find more information at

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