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Support Services in IBAT

Career services

for support, advice and guidance in relation to career

The Careers Services Department at IBAT College Dublin helps students to explore their career options, connect with prospective employers and prepare for life after graduation.  We provide an inclusive service to support, guide and empower students to help maximise their personal and professional development.  Specific Careers Support Services include:

  • CV Clinics: Create an excellent profile and learn how to effectively communicate your skills and potential to employers.
  • Workshops and Seminars: Topics include job search strategies, employability skills, interview coaching
  • Online Careers Portal: incorporating the Jobs Portal where companies can post and recruit directly for internships, graduate placements, volunteering opportunities and full-time positions directly to IBAT College Dublin students
  • Careers Events: During the academic year we invite employers and recruitment companies on campus for presentations, networking events and Careers Fair, giving students the opportunity to obtain first hand advice and industry specific information, as well as guidance on the range and types of occupations available in the market.

Email: [email protected]  T: 012461560

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Disability Support Services

for support, services and facilities for students with disabilities

The Disability Support Services provide support for students with disability such as assistive technology, academic support (in class and one to one), special arrangements for exams and assisted access to facilities.

Email: [email protected] T:012461550

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Counselling Referral Services

for counselling and personal development

IBAT College Dublin students can also engage with a confidential counselling service. The college works with a panel of qualified professionals, with extensive experience of dealing with a variety of psychological and social problems, who are available for learner support. Students can access the service by contacting the College’s Student Services’ Coordinator to make an appointment. Appointments can usually be made within three working days of first contact.

Email: [email protected] T:012461550

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General Student Support Services

(non academic)

We also offer a full range of non-academic support services from listening ear and accommodation to information on student visas rules and part-time working regulations for International students.

Email: [email protected]  T:012461550

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Academic support

for academic support, advice and guidance

The primary goal of Student Services at IBAT College Dublin is to ensure you have access to the support you need to achieve your goals. Each programme has a dedicated Programme Leader whose primary function is to ensure that you receive the personal attention and support you need for all academic issues throughout your time with us. We are small enough to build relationships with each of our students and we care about your success.

Please contact Programme Leader of your course 9.00-5.30 Monday to Thursday and 9.00-4.30 Friday: email: [email protected] T: 018075055

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