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Institute of Technology Sligo

Support Services in ITSligo

Students’ Union Welfare Officer

Students’ Union Welfare Officer

Barry Clohessy is the Students’ Union Vice President/Welfare Officer for the 2015/2016 academic year. Barry is responsible for the general welfare of students of IT Sligo. He liaises with the chaplaincy, medical and counselling services in order to expand the general services available to students. Barry also communicates Students’ Union and general policy on welfare throughout IT Sligo as well as running all relevant campaigns. Barry is available by dropping into his office in the Student Centre or by contacting him on 086 773 7457, [email protected] or the number above.

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IT Sligo Students’ Union

IT Sligo Students’ Union

IT Sligo Students’ Union, or ITSSU, is the only recognised representative organisation for the student body in IT Sligo. When you register in the Institute, you automatically become a member of ITSSU. It exists to represent you the student on a range of issues throughout your college experience and sits on various committees relating to student welfare, education and recreation. The Union is located on the bottom floor of the Student Centre and is a lively social spot for students to visit and retrieve valuable information about student rights, health, different clubs and societies and, most importantly, confidential advice. The Students’ Union provides you with the most up-to-date information of what is happening around the college. As well as giving sound advice, it runs a number of services for students including “The Lounge”, a chill out area for students with comfy couches, bean bags, led lighting and wide screen TV. Make sure you drop in at some stage and visit all the officers in the Union. We are here to help you in any way we can and help you set the right balance between your studies and your social life. For more information, you can call us on 071 9141887 or visit our website at www.itssu.ie

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Support Services


The aim of Student Support Services at the Institute of Technology, Sligo, is to provide a comprehensive and caring service, to help our students to achieve their full academic and personal potential.  Our motto is ‘Caring for our Students’

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Access Office

For a more inclusive college environment.

Catherine McNelis, Student Centre, 071 91 55381,[email protected]

The role of the Access Office is intended to encourage and support categories of students who have not been traditionally represented in third level education. Specifically these are students with disabilities or special needs, those from disadvantaged backgrounds and mature students, to make the transition to third level education and to participate fully and progress within their course of study. Students in these categories will receive support at pre-entry, upon entry as well as during their course of study. This includes special initiatives such as the Mature Student Summer School, Breaking the Mould Initiative, the Childcare and Student Assistance Funds.

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Childcare Fund

Partial subsidy towards the cost of childcare.

A partial subsidy towards the cost of childcare is available to students with childcare responsibilities under certain conditions during the academic year 2009/2010.  Look out at the beginning of the academic year for specific days to deal with childcare fund applications and make an appointment by putting your initials on the signup sheet on the notice board outside the Access Office.  Payments are made on a monthly basis following submission of receipts for payment of childcare.  Further details may be obtained from Access Officer at 071 9155381.  Lists of childcare providers in Co. Sligo who are registered with the Health Services Executive are also available.

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Students with Disabilities or Special Needs

For support, services and facilities for students with disabilities.

It is very important that every student with a disability or special need makes contact with the Access Officer at the beginning of each academic year in order to keep abreast of developments in the disability supports on offer.  The Access Officer has a specific day dedicated to disability issues each week and students can make an appointment to discuss issues of concern by placing their initials on the sign-up sheet on the notice board outside the Access Office.

A Learning Support Tutor, Andrea Rynn is available to work on a one-to-one or group basis with students with dyslexia / specific learning difficulties.  If this applies to you, please see the relevant piece separately in relation to these supports.

The Fund for Students with Disabilities, which is administered by the National Office for Equality of Access to Higher Education, aims to support students with serious physical and/or sensory disabilities to overcome related obstacles in their studies.  Following a successful application, funding is given to the Institute of Technology, Sligo for the purchase of supports such as specialised equipment, materials or technological aids, targeted transport services, sign language assistants/interpreters and personal assistants.  Equipment purchased through this fund remains the property of the college and is given on loan to the student for the period of their studies at the Institute. The closing date for this fund is early in the academic year and this is one of the reasons why it is important to make contact with the Access Officer at the commencement of the college year.

The Fund for Students with Disabilities is funded by the Irish Government and part-funded by the European Social Fund under the Human Capital Investment Operational Programme 2007-2013

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Student Assistance Fund

For Third Level Institutions

If you are in a position where you may not be able to continue your studies at the Institute because of severe financial difficulties you should contact the Access Officer, to assess if you are eligible for a contribution from the Student Assistance Fund.

You will be required to have an interview with the Access Officer and your application will be placed before the Welfare Committee.  All matters in connection with the Student Assistance Fund are dealt with in strict confidence and all records are kept separate from Institute Records. Criteria for the receipt of welfare funds include adverse circumstances such as family breakdown, bereavements, accidents or health problems. Student Assistance appointments are usually held once a week from October while funding permits. Appointments are made by placing one’s student number on the sign-up sheet on the notice board of the Access Office on the first working morning of that week. An email will be circulated to all students announcing the commencement of applications.

The Student Assistance Fund is funded by the Irish Government and part-funded by the European Social Fund under the Human Capital Investment Operational Programme 2007-2013

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Careers Office

For support, information and advice on your career.

Adette Ring and Deborah Seddon, Students’ Centre, 071 91 55 403 / 071 91 55 448, [email protected]

How can we help you?

Careers Appointments

Provide the opportunity to discuss progression possibilities.  Book an appointment to gain information/support with:

  • Increasing your awareness of career options with your chosen field of study.
  • Options for postgraduate study and support with the application procedure.
  • Transferring to other colleges.
  • Job hunting and graduate recruitment.
  • Completing applications, compiling CVs and covering letters.
  • Developing your interview technique and/ to experience a mock interview.
  • Travel, work and study options abroad.

Careers Workshops

Available throughout the year to provide information on a range of topics: Study Skills, Effective Job search, CV Writing, Application Form Filling, Interview Skills, Post graduate Progression, Writing a Personal Statement and Options with your programme of study.

Careers Events and Guest Speakers

An annual Careers fair held in January provides a valuable opportunity to meet employers, speak to representatives from Universities, Colleges and Institutes of Technology and find out information about community groups and volunteering.  In addition a range of employers, education providers and voluntary/gap providers deliver presentations throughout the year.

Careers Information

During the academic year a monthly Careers Newsletter is electronically published and distributed via email.  Paper copies are available in the Careers Office.  The careers section of the IT Sligo website and the careers notice board highlight job vacancies, study opportunities etc…

How to book a careers appointment?

Call into the careers office or telephone to arrange an  appointment. We are available for appointments between 10:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

For further information about any of our services, please call into the Careers Office or e.mail[email protected].

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For personal worries, financial concerns and spirituality.

The primary function of the Chaplaincy Team is to support student in their spiritual and personal growth during their time in the Institute. The Chaplaincy is also concerned with the pastoral care of students, such as in times of illness or bereavement. The Chaplains are available especially to anyone with an emotional or spiritual problem.

Feel free to drop in for a chat or if you need some practical help or advice with anything.

Chaplain:                             FR Hugh McGonagle

Email:                                  [email protected]

Phone:                                 071 930 5215


Chaplain:                             Rev. Patrick Bamber

Email:                                  bamber.patrick@itsligo.ie

Phone:                                 071 914 6513


Assistant Chaplain:          Ray Cotter

Email:                               [email protected]

Phone:                              071 930 5215

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The Sanctuary

Prayer room.

The Sanctuary is located in the Student Centre.

Where you can get away from the stresses of college life and get some quiet time to yourself. The Sanctuary is open to students of all faiths and no faith!

Here you can pray, reflect or simply chill out!


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Church Services

Catholic, Church of Ireland, Methodist, Presbyterian.

Catholic Churches

St. Mary’s CathedralTel: 9162670 SaturdaySunday 19:3008:30; 10:30; 12:00; 19:00
St. Anne’sTel: 9145028 SaturdaySunday 19:3010.00; 12.30; 19.00
St. Joseph’sTel: 9142422 SaturdaySunday 19:3011.00; 12.30; 19.00
Dominican FriaryTel: 9142700 SaturdaySunday 19:3009.30; 11.00; 12.15

Church of Ireland

St. John’s CathedralTel: 9162263V. Rev. Dean Williams Sunday1st,3rd,5thSun2nd & 4th Sun 08:0010:3010:30 Holy CommunionHoly CommunionMorning Prayer
Parish of CalryTel: 9146513V. Rev. Dean Williams SundaySunday1st,3rd,5th 08:3011:3011:30 Holy CommunionMorning Prayer

Methodist Church

Methodist ChurchTel: 9142346Rev. Stephen Taylor Sunday 10:15 Morning Service

Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian ChurchTel: 9162337Rev. Alan Mitchell Sunday 11.30 Morning Worship
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For positive mental health.


Counsellor:                          Siobhan McNally

Email:                                  studentcounsellor@itsligo.ie

Phone:                                 071 93 05542

The Student Counselling Service is a professional, confidential support that is available free of charge to all registered IT Sligo students.  The service offers support in coping with educational and personal issues, which may interfere with academic progress.

What is Counselling?

  1. Counselling is about mental health not mental illness
  2. Counselling is about being well and staying well
  3. Counselling is about personal growth and development
  4. Counselling is about setting and achieving goals

If issues trouble you during your time at IT Sligo, consult the student counsellor as early as you can.  The counsellor is skilled in the art of listening and has experience in dealing with the variety of situations and issues that students encounter.

Mental Health Promotion

Throughout the year the service runs a number of mental health promotions, these include drug awareness, harmful drinking interventions, managing stress and examination anxiety.

The student counselling service hosts a page on the Institute’s website providing information on a wide range of mental health issues including depression, anxiety/panic attacks and eating disorders. For further information click on www.itsligo.ie.

Making an Appointment

Call the telephone number above or just drop in to the Student Centre to arrange an appointment.

Student Health Doctors

Eilish Corley, Students’ Centre, 071 91 55463 / 071 – 91 55205 / 087 – 9961873 (Emergencies Only),[email protected]

Dr. Damien Tiernan

Dr. Philip Murray

Dr. Catherine Barrett

Dr. Keith Russell

Hours of Attendance:

9:00am – 3:00pm on a ‘first come first served’ basis.


The Student Health Service is available to all full time registered students and apprentices during office hours throughout the academic year. The Student Health Service aims to provide a student friendly service with a particular attention to preventative medicine, health promotion, and healthy lifestyles.  The service should not replace your own GP as your primary care giver. It is intended to provide you with acute medical care during the week when it is not possible to attend your own GP.

Student Health Service medical records are completely confidential and maintained in the health centre. Consent must be obtained from the student prior to disclosing records to any third party.

Medical Emergencies on campus during office hours:

Please call 087 – 9961873 for an emergency appointment with the nurse


The nursing service is available without charge to all students holding a valid registration card.  Services of the doctor are provided free of charge to all students who have a medical card.

GP Service:

Doctors hold clinics on site for a number of hours each day. Appointments with the doctors are only given after review with the Nurse who will make an appointment for you.

Out of hour’s medical care:

The Student Health Service is not intended to replace your own GP; therefore we recommend that all students register with a General Practitioner in Sligo to provide emergency medical care for out of office and weekend hours.

Sick certification:

The student health service has stringent guidelines on the issuing of sick certs. Certification will only be issued by the Student Health Doctor if absence from college is medically recommended. Sick certs are never given retrospectively. If you cannot attend an exam for medical reasons then you must be seen on the day of the exam. We will try and sort out the medical problem for you but if it does result in your absence from an exam we can write a note to explain this to your department. Certs will not be issued to any student reporting ill-health after an exam or practical is over.

Immunisations and vaccinations:

In the interest of the Health and Safety of all who work and study in the Institute we recommend that students have had all their vaccinations/immunisations before registration.  These vaccinations include Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whooping cough Pertusus, Hib, Polio, Meningitis C, MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella).  Please check your family records and consult your GP for information and advice. Students who are undertaking specific science and social studies courses where there may be a risk of contracting Hepatitis A or Hepatitis B are advised to refer to the Institute prospectus and contact their GP for vaccination recommendations.

Health Promotion

We are keen to actively introduce students to healthy choices in lifestyle and diet. We may take the opportunity to discuss Healthy lifestyle issues at consultation and encourage students to use the service to gather information and advice to promote same.  Information relevant to student health is displayed in the waiting area and students are encouraged to take these leaflets home with them. Throughout the academic year we operate many health promotion campaigns to promote student health issues including our annual health fair, Healthy Heart day, sexual health screening clinics, asthma and psoriasis clinics. All these services are free of charges and all are encouraged to attend.

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Learning Support Services

Access Office

Learning Support Services

Andrea Rynn, Students’ Centre, 071 91 55400,[email protected]

As part of the Access Office in IT Sligo, the Learning Support Service provides support to full-time students who have dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties.  Students who have been assessed as having dyslexia should contact the Learning Support Tutor, Andrea Rynn, early in the academic year to discuss their individual needs and their Individual Support Plan.  Dyslexia screening can also be arranged in the college for students who suspect they may have dyslexia.

There are many supports provided by the Learning Support Tutor to students with dyslexia including study skills information, access to technological aids and specialised software, organising reasonable accommodation at examinations and liaising with relevant staff to ensure students achieve their full potential at IT Sligo. Supports can be delivered on a one to one or group basis.  The Learning Support Tutor, Andrea Rynn is located in the Student Service Centre and can be contacted by telephone on 071 9155400 or by emailing [email protected]

The Learning Support Service is funded through the Fund for Students with Disabilities.

The Fund for Students with Disabilities is funded by the Irish Government and part-funded by the European Social Fund under the Human Capital Investment Operational Programme 2007-2013

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