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Mary Immaculate College

Support Services in MIC

Online Support

For support, information and advice online.

Reach Out



Reach Out is a web-based service that inspires young people to help themselves through tough times, and find ways to improve their own mental health and well-being.

Reach Out has 3 key sections:

Find: provides information and stories on a range of mental health issues;

Explore: is a tool that finds you information based on how you’re feeling that day (coming soon!);

Connect: where you go to connect with the community through our forums, the blog and youth participation area.


Let Someone Know



From suicide to isolation, relationships or looking out for others, you can get it here at Let Someone Know




Our vision is to ensure that young people are better supported in their mental health and well-being needs as they journey into adulthood.

Headstrong is a new initiative working with communities in Ireland to ensure that young people aged twelve to twenty five are better supported to achieve mental health and wellbeing. Headstrong was set up in response to an identified need to address the issue of youth mental health in Ireland.





SpunOut.ie is an independent, youth powered national charity working to empower young people to create personal and social change.

SpunOut.ie combines an interactive online community providing health and lifestyle information, signposting to support services, a youth media space, moderated discussion forums, and a platform for youth engagement, civic engagement, participation and advocacy. The website is endorsed and supported by all major youth agencies in Ireland.

SpunOut.ie offers young people a platform for personal and social development leading them to increased all-round wellbeing in their own lives and in how they engage with society as citizens. Developing SpunOut.ie as a platform for civic engagement, youth participation and citizenship is central to the SpunOut.ie vision.




Freetext “Headsup” to 50424 for a list of supports.

HeadsUp is a mental health promotion project which aims to contribute to suicide prevention efforts by providing timely, appropriate information and support to young people. The project commences in 2005. It provides a wide range of initiatives aimed primarily at 15-24 year olds. However there are a number of secondary targets that includes community groups, fathers and workplaces. HeadsUp is always looking for young people to volunteer with us to help make the project better. HeadsUp currently has a youth panel of ten volunteers who help steer the project and ensure that it is appropriate to the target group.

Headsup is a project run by the Rehab Group

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Students’ Union

For general and specific student needs.

MISU (Mary I Students’ Union)

‘Giving you a voice, helping you to use it, enriching your college experience’
MISU provides support, representation and services to its members who are the students of MIC. MISU represents the student body in negotiations with college staff and management and with other organisations on a local, national and international level. Students are represented by the elected Mary I Students’

Mary I Students’ Union aims to

  • give students a say in their own student/ college life
  • protect and represent students in academic and non-academic matters
  • create a positive college experience for students
  • help new students integrate into college life
  • facilitate extra-curricular activities for students

Contact the SU on:
Tel: 061-400013
Fax: 061-400022
Email: [email protected][email protected]
Web: www.misu.ie

Or call into the MISU office on the ground floor of the Tara Building.

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Student Counselling

For help during tough times.


Mary Immaculate College provides a professional, on-campus Counselling Service available to all students, free of charge. This service provides all students with the opportunity to talk in a confidential setting about any issues which she or he may not feel comfortable discussing with anyone else. A counselling relationship is one of warmth and safety, where a student feels supported and listened to.

Support is provided for many issues, such as:

Stress, Panic/anxiety attacks, Crisis pregnancy, Eating disorders, Bereavement, Exam stress, Post-abortion, Depression, Relationships, Sexual/emotional/physical abuse, Gender issues, Bullying, Confidence/ self-esteem issues, Feeling suicidal, Family Issues, Addictive behaviours, and others.

You can contact the Service directly in the following ways:

Email any of the following:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Call in to ‘Drop-in’, any weekday during term time. This is an hour set aside for students to call in to see a counsellor without an appointment, for a confidential chat.

Phone either 204919 / 204948

The counsellors are available at the times advertised on their notice board in the Information Alley: Fact sheets are available onhttp://www.mic.ul.ie/counselling

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For medical care, ill health prevention and information on healthy lifestyles.


Location: 3rd floor of TARA building. The Medical Centre is open during term time only.

The Medical Centre provides urgent, private and confidential acute medical care during college term. This service is free of charge and strictly confidential. It does not replace your own GP. Do register with a GP for your time in Limerick.

The College Medical Doctors are:

Dr. Jim Fehily
Dr. Roisin Dempsey

The College Nurses are:

Helen O’Dea
Ann-Marie McCarthy

The College Nurse is available from 10am to 4pm at: Tel: 061 204343.

Medical Centre provides a service for students with Acute Illnesses only; otherwise Students will need to go to their own GP.

All students must meet with “Medical Centre Nurses” from Monday to Friday between 10.00am to 12.30pm before getting an appointment to see Doctor on campus from 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

Please note that Medical Centre Nurses are on duty during Student Examinations (according to timetable schedule) on campus.

Weekend and after hours cover is not provided by the Medical Centre and students who need medical treatment at such periods should proceed to their own G.P. Students who need urgent medical treatment should proceed to the A&E Dept at Limerick Regional Hospital Tel: 061 301111 which provide 24hr cover or to St. John’s Hospital Tel 061 415822 which are open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday.

Overseas students are asked to bring their European Health Insurance Card with them when attending the Medical Centre for treatment.

Out of hours DOCTOR ON CALL 087-2506744
The cost of this service is not covered by the college.

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For personal worries, financial concerns and spirituality.

Room G.14 (opposite the Halla) (061) 204399.  email[email protected]

Chaplaincy Team:

Fr. Michael Wall, Office T.1.08
tel. (061) 204331.  Mobile 086 2550436
e-mail: [email protected]

Students on Co-op Placement;

Semester 1: Autumn 2010; James Deegan and Ailish Gallagher

Semester 2: Spring 2011;Brian Waters and Caoilinn O Donovan

The College welcomes students of all faiths and none. The facilities of the College chaplaincy service are available to all students. The Chaplaincy Team strives to promote the spiritual and psycho/social development of the entire College community, staff and students. The team facilitates the discussion of social, spiritual and theological issues. It is possible to discuss issues of concern in confidence. The College Chaplain provides religious services, according to the Roman Catholic rite, in the College Chapel. Arrangements are in place to provide services for non Catholic Students. The Chaplaincy service strives to support students during times of bereavement, illness and during occasions of personal or family upheaval. We also honour students’ joys and celebrations.

Opportunities for faith sharing exist for those who wish to avail of them. The Chaplaincy team will arrange retreats for students wishing to partake in such spiritual exercises.

Mass is celebrated in the College Chapel each day. See notice boards and website for details.  One may light a candle in the College Chapel or write a request in the Intention Book. The College Chapel , Meditation  Room and Meditation Garden are always open to students and staff who wish to pray, reflect or just be in a quiet place.

The Chaplaincy hospitality room G.14 is open 9.00.am – 5.00.p.m.
Tel (061) 204339 or you can email [email protected]

You are welcome to drop in at anytime. A member of the chaplaincy team will usually be available to help you. In each semester two co-op students (3rd year B.A. students) work on the chaplaincy team. You will meet them in the chaplaincy room G14. Being students themselves, they can easily empathise with your needs and concerns.

If you ask, the team will do its best to help you.
For details of events, look at the college notice boards and the chaplaincy website. http://www.mic.ul.ie/chaplaincy/.

The website has much information on Church and Faith Services and contacts around Limerick City along with links to many prayer and information sites.

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Health Promotion

For a healthier environment.


Mary Immaculate College is the first third level institution in Ireland to be designated a Health Promoting College.  A wide range of services are available to both students and staff.  Examples of services include the following:

  • Mental Health Matters training
  • Safe Talk, Gatekeeper and ASIST training (suicide awareness and prevention)
  • Yoga classes
  • Massage therapy
  • Bord Bia Cookery demonstration
  • Blood Pressure Checks

Advice on a range of life style topics, for example Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, Coping with stress, Smoking Cessation, Sexual Health, Alcohol & Other Drugs

Many events are organised to coincide with national or regional health promotion initiatives, for example:

  • Healthy Eating Week
  • National Breast Cancer Awareness month
  • Happy Heart Week
  • National No Smoking Day
  • Mental Health Week
  • World AIDS Day

The Health Promotion team works in collaboration with Students’ Union, the Chaplaincy team, the Health Centre, the Counselling Service, the Student Parent Coordinator, the Access and Disability Office, the Catering and Maintenance Departments, the Learner Support Unit, and other relevant Services and Departments. We also work with the radio service Wired FM and the MISU web site to highlight health-related events or issues.

The Health Promotion Office is located next to the Health Centre.  Please call to the office to share any ideas or requests you may have in relation to health issues.  In the office you can also find printed information on a wide range of health and lifestyle topics for your personal use and/or to support your course work.

Look out for notices on the electronic bulletin boards, posters, fliers and stands which we will have on display throughout the year.  A weekly newsletter detailing upcoming events is also published on the LAN (Student Notes) and sent by email to all students and staff members.

Telephone:                                (061) 204922
Email:                                        [email protected]
Website:                                    www.mic.ul.ie/healthpromotion/

Health Promotion team:

Carol O’Sullivan Health Promotion Coordinator
Eva Devaney Health Promotion Service Provider

To contact the service
[email protected]

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Mary Immaculate College Student Parent Co-ordinator

For support, information and advice.


Pregnancy & Parenting Support

With so many choices it is really important to find guidance and information from people who really understand your needs; you will find the support and encouragement you need from the appointed staff in the college who deal with crisis pregnancy.


Nicola Hurley -Student Parent Co-Coordinatorroom G33B. Text ‘Appointment’ to 087-9501160 or email: [email protected]

The Student Parent Co-Ordinator is the first point of contact for student parents at Mary Immaculate College, offering the following supports & services:

  • Emotional support and practical information on a one-to-one basis
  • Assistance with childcare provision & links with local community funded crèches
  • Information on social welfare entitlements & financial assistance
  • Community Welfare Officer Clinics on Campus
  • Student Parent Welfare Fund
  • Information on & referrals to outside agencies & supports
  • ‘Mother & Baby Room’ on campus for nursing mothers
  • Positive Parenting and other courses
  • Information Resources & Student Parent Library
  • Student Parent Notice board & information display points on campus.

Useful links:




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