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Royal College of surgeons in Ireland

Support Services in RCSI

Student Services Office

For general and specific student needs.

The Student Services Office is responsible for all ‘out of classroom’ or non-academic supports. The office has an open door policy, which is part of its ‘one-stop information shop’ aimed at providing answers and solutions to student queries and issues. If we can’t help you directly ourselves, we are sure to know someone who can.

Other services include:

  • Accommodation
  • Access & Disability
  • Chaplaincy
  • Clubs & Societies
  • Counselling
  • Hardship and Student Assistance Fund
  • Immigration, Garda (Police) National Immigration Bureau (GNIB), Visas
  • Induction & Orientation
  • Student Events
  • Student Publications


Contact Details are as follows:

RCSI Student Services Office
123 St Stephen’s Green
Dublin 2, Ireland

T: +353 1 402 2294
F: +353 1 402 2461
E: [email protected]

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Access Office

For a more inclusive college environment.

RCSI recognises that not all members of our society have had the same opportunities to benefit from higher education. Students with disabilities, members of the Traveller community and students from certain socio-economic backgrounds continue to experience a variety of barriers to reaching their full educational potential. RCSI is strongly committed to significantly increasing the participation rates of all these and other such groups and to the creation of a socially inclusive learning environment for all.

RCSI has developed a Traveller Community Access Programme (TCAP) which aims to increase the participation and success rates of members of the Traveller community in third level educational programmes.

For further information please contact the Access Officer:

T: (01) 402 2106
E:  [email protected]

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Disability Support Service (DSS)

For support, services and facilities for students with disabilities.

The aim of the RCSI Disability Support Service (DSS) is to provide disability-related support(s) that will enable a student with a disability to participate and succeed in all aspects of college life. Whether you need information, advice or practical assistance, the Disability Officer is your first point of contact.

The Disability Support Service provides supports to students with a wide range of disabilities, including:

• Specific Learning Disability e.g. Dyslexia, ADD, Dyspraxia
• Visual Impairments
• Speech Impairments
• Hearing Impairments
• Mental Health Difficulties e.g. Depression
• Mobility or Physical Impairments
• Unseen Disabilities e.g. Diabetes, Asthma, Epilepsy, etc.
• Long Term Medical Conditions e.g. Heart Conditions, Aids, Cystic Fibrosis, Cancer 

For further information, please contact the Disability Officer:

T: (01) 402 2106
E: [email protected]

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& Pastoral Care Team

In addition to religious services open to all denominations, the College Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care Team addresses the wider needs of students and offers assistance in times of need.

The College has a Prayer Room and a multi-denominational Oratory. Prayer rooms are also available in Beaumont and Connolly, RCSI’s two main teaching hospitals.


To contact the Chaplaincy Team:

T: +353 1 402 2383
F: +353 1 402 2461
E: [email protected]

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To help you get through tough times.

A professional counselling service is available to all RCSI students. To maintain student confidentiality, this service is managed by an independent private practice.

Counsellors, like the general practitioners at the Mercer’s Medical Centre, provide an independent professional service. Initial assessment is undertaken by clinical psychologists at the Clinical Psychology Service. Referral follows according to specific needs.

Students may contact the Clinical Psychology Service directly (T: 01 283 9366), or via Mercer’s Medical Centre, Personal Tutors, Vice Dean for StudentsChaplaincy Team, or the Student Services Office. (Please note that you will be asked to provide proof of registration if you contact the service directly, e.g. student ID number and/or Student Card).

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Free and confidential helpline.

Niteline is a confidential listening and information service, run by students, for students. It provides a friendly and completely confidential listening ear for anyone who feels they need to talk about issues worrying them. Our operating hours are 9pm until 2.30am every night of term.

Our freephone number is 1800 793 793.

Students can also anonymously instant message us via niteline.ie within the above hours.

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Personal Tutors

For support, a listening ear and academic advice.

All new students are assigned a Personal Tutor, who is a member of the academic staff. Personal tutors are available for consultation on any matter, academic or personal.

The Personal Tutor’s role involves:

► Providing support

► Offering a listening ear  

► Offering academic advice

► Encouraging students, particularly in early course years, to find out more about the course and what to expect

Departmental staff are also available for consultation where students are experiencing academic difficulties.

For further information, please contact the Faculty Office ([email protected]).

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Student Welfare Officers

To help you settle in.

Some students find the transition form the pre-clinical component of the programme to the hospital environment difficult. They are encouraged to contact the Student Welfare Officers, based at RCSI and Beaumont Hospital, who will assist with the transition to life in the clinical environment.


T: +353 1 809 3768
E: [email protected]

 E: [email protected]

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Students’ Union

For any problems or queries you may have.

The RCSI Students’ Union aims to maintain and promote the education, social and general welfare of all students. All RCSI students are automatically full members of the SU, with voting rights in the election of Officers and Class Representatives. The SU is the College’s bridge between Faculty, Administration and the student body. They aim to ensure that student voices are heard on a variety of topics. The SU works closely with Faculty Centre, Administration and the Student Services Office.


RCSI Students’ Union
T: +353 1 402 2190
E: [email protected]

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