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“We need to talk about mental health.” - A panel discussion, 7pm April 17th in the Fitzgerald Chamber

As part of Please Talk Day (celebrating the 6th anniversary of the Please Talk campaign), the L&H, in association with UCDSU, present a Panel Discussion about Mental Health in the FitzGerald Chamber at 7PM on Wednesday. Speakers on the night include:

- Zoé Forde, recipient of the UCD President’s Award 2013 for her work in the area of mental health and volunteer.

- Ciara Johnson, Gender Equality officer with UCDSU and Bodywhys Youth Panelist.

- Sorcha Cusack, SpunOut Youth Panelist and mental health activist.

- Neha Siddiqui, UCD student with a special interest in autism awareness.

- Donal Scanlan, Health Promotion Specialist at St. John of Gods Hospital.