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About Please Talk

PleaseTalk is a campaign that began in University College Dublin in 2007 to combat youth mental health problems. PleaseTalk operates in two ways:

1) Spreading the message that ‘Talking is a Sign of Strength’.

Much ‘counselling’ happens in conversations among fellow students; therefore it is vital to listen when a friend chooses to trust us with something important.

2) Operating an online directory of support services for students.

Visit for a full list of the support you can avail of on and off-campus.

Everyone is important and we all need help at some point in our lives.

With the support of staff and students it is hoped that:

  • All students will hear about relevant student services especially in times of crisis and will know how to access them
  • It will be realised that to look for help is a real sign of strength and not a sign of weakness
  • All difficulties, academic, personal or financial will be responded to by caring and available staff.

Please Talk UCD is now on Facebook and Twitter.

You can find us, like us and follow us by clicking into the links below.