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“I Talked”…………. Talking is a sign of Strength!!

Here in the Please Talk blog section, we hand over to you; hear from students, who, like many of us, have first hand experience of going through a hard time, reaching out for help and starting their conversation about mental health. If you wish to become a contributor, contact [email protected]

Anxiety is a very misunderstood illness, some people assume that you just worry too much and have little sympathy for the people going through it but I can assure you it’s a very frightening illness. At the height of my anxiety age 19 I felt my identity was stripped from me, I was no longer the bubbly Aíne everyone knew but the person trapped in my apartment too fearful to go into the outside world, alone with the thoughts of leaving the panic attacks presented themselves up to nine times a day, even though they were a common recurrence the fear of dying never left my mind as I used to run to the hallway hoping someone would find me if I died. Sounds stupid to some but to me seemed rational. Anxiety effects your everyday life and hiding away feeding into the illness I wasn’t living my life.

I knew action was needed as I couldn’t live with this fear anymore so I sought help. I went for counselling which I can’t thank enough for helping me too become who I am today. Talking to someone who understands what’s going on your head helped give me the courage that anxiety should not control my life anymore.

I am Aíne, yes I may have generalized anxiety disorder and social phobia but that is only one part of me not all of me anymore I have learned to challenge the thoughts telling me I can’t do that or I’m not good enough because I am.

I’m currently going into my second year in social care practice loving that I took this fearful step as I couldn’t imagine what my life would be if I let my anxiety dictate my life.

For anyone going through the struggle seek help I promise you will develop courage through every session and challenge those thoughts you are worth it, you are able, you are your own person.

If you need support please checkout the following links;



Or you can call the following;

Samaritans on 116 123
Niteline 1800 793 793