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Check out SpunOut’s new campaign on recognising, managing and minimising anxiety.

SpunOut  recognise the importance of looking after our mental health, and how difficult that can sometimes be. We all lead busy and fast-paced lives and often our mental health is neglected until it becomes a major problem.

One of the things that young people have been telling us is that they are experiencing high levels of anxiety and our fast paced life doesn’t help. Anxiety has loads of symptoms like the physical ones: shortness of breath, the palpitations, the butterflies in the stomach, and the mental ones like racing thoughts, and not being able to concentrate. However, most people find it difficult to recognise anxiety in themselves.

So we decided that it was time that we did an anxiety campaign so young people would be able to recognise, manage and minimise their anxiety.

The campaign is called #KnowAnxiety. It’s an information campaign which aims to inform our readers about anxiety and how they recognise it in themselves, family or friends. We want them to learn how to managetheir anxiety and how to minimise it so that they can lead healthy and happy lives.

For more details go to http://spunout.ie/health/article/know-anxiety