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Congratulations on getting into college and hope you are looking forward to the adventures that are before you. College is often one of the fondest memories for adults. While starting college can be exciting, it can also be quite daunting as there are a lot of firsts and lots of changes which can be over whelming at times. Some of these changes include:

  • Becoming familiar with campus environment
  • Finding your lecture theatres
  • Making new friends
  • Being independent and living away from home
  • Money woes
  • Peer pressure

But do not panic………you will adjust and get through these challenges. There is also plenty of support to help you along the way.

Here are some tips and resources which may be useful during your transition:

  • Get to know your campus, be prepared to get lost a few times J and don’t be afraid to ask for directions. There will be a lot of other students in the same position as you and people are only happy to help.
  • Go to Fresher’s week, this is great for getting to know your campus while also meeting great people and is great for getting good information and tips to help you settle into your new environment.
  • College is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and try new things.  Making new friends can be daunting initially, but worth the effort. Some of the friends you make in college will become friends for life.
  • Get involved in Clubs and Societies, this will be one of the easiest ways of making friends especially with people outside your course. There is a club and society for everything so there are no excuses not to get involved. If you are socially anxious, a lot of the new students are in the same boat so have courage and dip your toe outside the comfort zone and connect with one new person in your class. Look forward to the adventures ahead.
  • While being independent is exciting and great to be away from parents, this also brings its only challenges….. can you budget, can you cook healthy meals, can you use the washing machine, can you balance work and academic workload. If not ask your parents or friends for help, before you know it you will have the hang of it.
  • Should you feel like this is getting over whelming and you are struggling with things, please reach out and talk to someone. While it may be daunting at first, it is worth seeking someone to confide in. College is not just about academia and results. College offers social supports which can help you adjust and cope with the challenges you are facing. There are there to support and empower you to do your best throughout your time in college. These supports include, Student Welfare officer, Chaplains, Health services, Counselling services, Disability services, Financial advice etc. Using these services is a sign of strength and not weakness. Don’t bottle things up and never ever be afraid to ask for help no matter what is troubling you. For more information on how to start the conversation please click here or if you need support you can find a list of on campus and off campus supports based on your location.