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Nail The Stigma is an initiative which aims to encourage students and staff to talk openly about mental health by final year students in Public Health and Health Promotion course in Sligo IT . The overall aim is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and to encourage people to speak up and talk about how they are feeling.

“What we are promoting is a positive mental health campaign where we are asking individuals to paint their baby finger nail red and the take a video of themselves talking about how they are feeling,” explains Denise McDermott, who’s a final year Public Health & Health Promotion student at IT Sligo. The red nail will signify that we are stopping or nailing the stigma attached to mental health and talking out about your feelings, while the baby finger nail represents that mental health issues are often not that recognisable in an individual.”

The students wareing hold a #NailTheStigma campaign day on campus on February 28 2017.

Will you join and paint yout little finger red to show your support for this great campaign??

Join those who have already showed their support including Vogue Williams

Checkout their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NailTheStigma/?ref=page_internal or twitter @NailTheStigma